My Bucket List

For Mind and Spirit
1.  Go tech-free for 24 hours
3.  Pay a stranger's tab at a restaurant
4.  Leave a large tip for a server
5.  Read the Book of Mormon (again)
6.  Read the book of Isaiah
7.  Read a "classic" in literature
8.  Read Alice in Wonderland
9.  Read a prophet's biography/autobiography
10.  Memorize a piano piece
11.  Read Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John
12. Write a memory a day for a month

Skills to Learn
13.  Write a book
14.  Enter a photography contest
15.  Learn fluent Spanish
16.  Take a picture everyday for a year
17.  Learn martial arts
18.  Shoot a gun
19.  Take guitar lessons
20.  Grow an herb garden

In the Kitchen
21.  Host a dinner party
22.  Make eclairs
23.  Spend an entire day baking
24.  Make a berry pie
25.  Make real fried chicken
26.  Make an angel food cake from scratch
27.  Make stuffed mushrooms
28.  Make creme brule

29.  Eat at a French cafe
30.  Visit Italy and have authentic Italian food
31.  Visit the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios (Florida)
32.  Visit a real castle
33.  Take a spontaneous trip
34.  Go on a cruise without the kids
35.  Stay at a beach resort
36.  Rent a beach house
37.  Visit the Metropolitan Museum of Art (New York)
38.  Take a train trip
39.  Visit at least 25 states
40.  Overnight girls' getaway

And the Rest . . . 
41.  Take a hot air balloon ride
42.  Dance in the moonlight
43.  Kiss in the rain
44.  Spend an entire day in bed
45.  Get a "snail mail" pen pal
46.  Ride in a small plane or helicopter
47.  Try five new ethnic foods
48.  Have a "yes" day for the kids
49.  Have a perfect Valentine's Day
50.  Read Harry Potter with my kids

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