Thursday, March 26, 2015

And So It Begins

Let me tell you how this started . . .
I was a little bit lost in the tornado that is motherhood.  Being a mom, especially a stay-at-home mom, you can easily get sucked in to the role of "mother" and sort of lose the rest of the stuff that makes you who you are.  Well, maybe not everyone.  I know lots of moms who seem to really have it all together and be fantastic at everything.  But I apparently need a little motivation to step out and be fantastic.  Besides Coke and candy and ice cream, because that's what gets me to the end of the day, but I want to really enjoy my days.  Maybe do something besides wash dishes and fold laundry and sweep the floor and potty train and play dinosaurs.

I have always liked the idea of a bucket list, but the typical bucket list is for "someday" before you die.  Seeing beautiful sights and having grand adventures are not so realistic with young kids at home. I needed something that I could get excited about and work on now.  Something that was about me, not everyone else.  Something to help me stretch and learn and grow and try new things.

So I turned to the Large and Vast Source of all Great Ideas - Pinterest.  I spent some time sifting through all the really exciting adventures and beautiful places most people had posted and found some less exotic, yet still really cool things I want to do.  Some of those exciting adventures and beautiful places did end up on my list, but only because they are things I have always wanted to do and there will be a "someday" when I get to do those.  The rest are things I have thought "I would love to do that," but then haven't because of kids or time or lack of knowledge or because I am just too lazy.  And I have a list I am really excited about.  As I typed it up to post here, I deleted anything that I wasn't excited about (like roast a turkey and make stuffing - I wasn't getting all excited thinking about that) - this is a bucket list, not a list of chores.  And it is my bucket list, so I deleted things I had put on just because someone else said it would be cool (like stay in a tree house - that does sound cool, but I am not going to sacrifice time and money to do it).  This list is for me and that feels really good.

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